Michael Grogan, North Carolina, USA

On RVAF Diet

I eat RVAF, I believe in plant foods in moderation, not to excess, as a general (rough) basic guideline. Plant foods I enjoy include coconut/coconut oil and avocado. I eat sweet fruits maybe 1-2 times weekly, or less. Occasionally I’ll have some raw olives. I would eat more sweet fruit if I could get better-quality fruit. I started eating mostly-to-all-raw about 7 years ago. I would eat raw seafood and raw dairy every few weeks. I started adding more animal products like shellfish and more raw dairy about 3 years ago.

There have been rough moments of detox during the switch. I didn’t take long enough to transition to raw, maybe only 2-3 months. I think the whole thing would have gone more smoothly if I had been using more animal products from the beginning. Overall, transitioning to more RAF has not been difficult, other than the occasional issue with some kind of organ meat, like raw pig brain or raw liver. The tastes of raw organs have taken some getting used to.

Health Changes

With raw in general, I have noticed more stamina and energy, and less need for sleep, greater clarity of thought, faster healing, looking younger, fewer joint problems, etc. the usual. I wasn’t that sick to begin with. Going low-fat vegan MADE me sick, but that’s how that goes. Adding raw animal foods has helped stop the panic attacks from being lowfat vegan, helped me gain some weight, and helped control my tooth sensitivity.

I eat too many carbs on occasion, particularly honey and sweet fruit. I don’t have much trouble being at least 90-98% raw. The social issues can be worked around by making what you are eating look semi-normal (chopping it into small pieces, working it into a salad), and/or putting it into an opaque container and not facing other people directly while eating. (These are suggestions for eating at work). I don’t have trouble with the social issues at home, or around friends, much. I simply don’t eat much when I’m around people who are going to give me a hassle about it, like some of my friends. At work, the suggestions I made above tend to help. It’s not about being absolutely 100% raw. There is very little different, in my experience, between 85-90% and 100%, if you don’t overcook the cooked food you are eating, and you know what to eat.

Food & Fitness

I eat shellfish and fish eggs, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound daily. Raw dairy, like butter or cheese, maybe 1/2 to 1 pound daily, when I have it. Coconut oil, 2-4 tablespoons daily. Maybe 1 avocado daily, on average. Raw organs like bone marrow or liver, maybe 1/3-1/2 pound daily, or a little more if I have a lot of it. Raw honey and sweet fruit, maybe 1/2 pound daily or less. I’m still working on finding the exact ratios for myself for carb versus fat.

Sometimes I intermittently fast. Less and less over time, but I have done it quite a bit. It definitely seems to help, but work stress sometimes interferes. It’s not very practical in cold weather, but it’s great in hotter weather.

In terms of fitness, I have a sedentary job at a desk. I do a lot of tai chi and qi gong, and some yoga. I also go for long walks several times a week.

I have been using healing clays for close to two years now, particularly the most popular types like Terramin and Pascalite, as well as French Red Clay from Frontier. I have tended most of my life to get easily upset and angry, and to generally overreact, emotionally. From my low-fat fruitarian days, I had also developed anxiety and panic attacks. The clays have calmed me down tremendously. The panic attacks are totally gone, and I am much calmer when I eat my clays. I believe this may be due to the buffering effect that the minerals in the clays have on the blood/body pH. The body’s pH is much less variable when more minerals are dissolved in the blood, which reduces extremes of blood chemistry and, I believe, brain chemistry. The clays have also helped control the tooth sensitivity I had from my low-fat fruitarian days. I believe they help to remineralize my teeth. I eat about 3-4 tablespoons of clay daily, with water. I don’t recommend the sodium bentonite clays, like Redmond Clay. They absorb too much water, and can cause intestinal cramping as a result. The calcium bentonites like Terramin and Pascalite are much less of a problem in this regard.

In addition, for about 4 months, I have been eating 1-6 tablespoons of bone meal powder daily. This has helped reduce my tooth sensitivity, as well as calming me even more. It also has helped firm up my stools, which can be a little loose due to consuming too much raw dairy. I really recommend it for any kind of tooth problem, it has all but stopped my tooth sensitivity.