There are a number of differing theories concerning Palaeolithic diets, which are diets from circa 10,000 years ago or earlier. One is the cooked 65% animal- food/35% plant-food diet espoused by Dr. Loren Cordain. Other Palaeo gurus tend to favour a diet higher in animal-food, some even advocate zero-carb. Some groups, including this one, have pointed out many of the disadvantages of cooking, so we favour a raw, Palaeolithic diet, which our ancestors practised at an earlier date. In fact, even in recent times, traditional peoples have incorporated many raw animal foods into their meals, perhaps continuing to understand the importance of them.

Gurus to read about regarding the issue of raw-animal-food diets or Palaeo diets are Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ray Audette, Michael Eades, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Loren Cordain, Sally Fallon, Weston-Price, Art De Vany, Bruno Comby, etc. A few of these diets are explained further down. (Visit the links page to visit some of these other groups.) Unfortunately, the cooked Palaeolithic diet gurus tend to frown on raw foods, while the raw-oriented gurus tend to heavily advocate unnatural, non-Palaeo foods like raw-dairy and vegetable juices, so this group tries to form a compromise between the two.


As far as Palaeolithic diets are concerned, it’s probably more important to consider what foods they ban, as opposed to what they promote. So, for example, dairy and grains are completely forbidden as they are routinely linked to various auto-immune and other types of diseases of modern civilisation. Legumes are forbidden as well, due to their high antinutrient-levels – and starchy tubers as well. Also forbidden are preservatives/additives/flavourings of any kind (so processed foods/drinks such as diet-sodas or microwave-ready meals are out).and,ideally, feedlot animals given unnatural drugs and growth enhancing hormones are frowned upon.

Common Palaeo foods are thought to have been meats, organ-meats, vegetables, fruit (with an emphasis on berries), nuts, fish, shellfish, insects, grubs, and (very likely) a lesser emphasis on honey and eggs, given the lack of agriculture and domestication in that era. Grassfed and wild meats are preferred over grainfed meats. Organ-meats are also recommended on Palaeolithic diets. This is because they are much higher in overall nutrient-levels and contain some trace-elements missing in muscle-meats (and, for people with digestive systems already-wrecked from years of consuming processed- foods, it’s worthwhile noting that raw organ-meats tend to be more easily digested than raw muscle-meats) . Plus the behaviour of wild carnivores indicates that organ-meats are routinely sought out first.


The whole saturated fats/polyunsaturated fats controversy with varying opinions made in different camps as to reducing or increasing the levels of either nutrient continues to rage. However, as long as one is eating a reasonably natural diet, then one is inevitably eating within the right range of fatty acids. The dangers of heating/cooking are far more important an issue than either of the above mentioned fats – indeed scientific studies condemning either nutrient tend to focus on processed/heated versions of these nutrients, which is misleading.

Other RVAF diets:-

Primal Diet:- The Primal Diet is a Raw-Animal-Food diet, started by a guru by the name of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, a nutritionist resident in Malibu. Examples of staples in the Primal Diet are:- raw dairy, raw veggie-juice, raw honey, raw eggs, raw meats, raw coconut-cream, among other foods. Aajonus prefers raw veggie-juice to raw, solid vegetables and recommends minimising fruit-consumption.

Instincto:- The Instincto Diet is a diet that forbids all processed/cooked foods, as well as raw, non-Palaeo foods like raw dairy/fermented, raw grains etc. Instinctos usually follow a diet relatively high in raw, plant-foods and low in animal-foods, though there are some Instinctos who eat diets high in raw-animal-food. Instinctos believe that, after one has become fully used to a raw diet, one should start selecting foods according to their taste, and rejecting anything that tastes bad. Instinctos also believe in “Mono-eating”(ie eating just one type of food at a time). One Instincto guru is Guy-Claude Burger, though he refers to his dietary-routine as “Anopsology”.

Wai Diet:- The Wai Diet is a raw diet, started by the guru Wai Genriuu. The diet’s staples are primarily raw fruit, raw fish and raw eggs. The Wai Diet frowns on the consumption of raw vegetables and forbids consumption of cooked-/processed foods.


How does an individual find the diet that suits them best? It may be most helpful to read through the entire contents of this website, visit other cooked Palaeo- or raw-animal-food-oriented forums and website, so that a better idea of the widely-differing opinions and methods out there, regarding Palaeolithic diets and other health-related issues, can be grasped and weighed. This method has been invaluable for those new to the whole concept of a truly traditional nutritional program.