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Advent of Cooking Controversies

When did Humans Begin to Cook?
A look at the problems involved in pinpointing an exact time for the advent of cooking.

Debunking non-Wrangham-related theories of cooking
Debunking the claim of a more recent study that cooking began c. 790,000 years ago.

Cooked Food Dangers

AGEs in Cooked Food Cause Diminished Bone Healing
A pdf file on advanced glycation end products (AGEs) on the bone health of T1 diabetes patients.

AGEs and Antioxidant Status in Type 2 Diabetes
Advanced glycation end products and antioxidant status in type 2 diabetics with and without peripheral artery disease.

AGEs and Neurodegenerative Diseases
AGEs produced by cooking cause neurodegenerative diseases.

AGEs in neurodegeneration
AGEs in neurodegeneration: more than early markers of oxidative stress?

AGEs are Harmful
Describes harmful effects of AGEs

Cooked Food & Teeth
Eating cooked foods has harmed teeth for millennia.

Toxic Substances Created by Cooking
Some of these substances cause diseases and impair neurotransmitter function and metabolism..

Glycation–A Sweet Tempter for Neuronal Death
AGEs in cooked foods are a major factor behind neurological diseases.

What Happens to Food When It Is Cooked
List of the negative effects cooked food has on the body..

Online Book on Dangers of Cooked Foods
PDF file of 1924 book on dangers of cooking…

Orally absorbed reactive glycation products (glycotoxins): An environmental risk factor in diabeticnephropathy
Study on the very harmful effects of AGEs, which are found in all cooked foods.

Oxidized lipids: a key to heart disease?
Lipids in food are likely to oxidize when cooked meats are stored for a long time before eating and more.

Promotion of colonic microadenoma growth in mice and rats fed cooked sugar or cooked casein and fat.
Negative effects animals suffer when fed cooked foods.

Study on harmful effects of heavily-cooked foods
Study that finally admits that heavily-cooked foods cause increased aging- won’t yet admit that low-level cooking is also harmful.

Summary – Acrylamide in Heat-Processed Foods
Dangers of cancer-causing acrylamide, a chemical created by cooking starchy foods.

Dangers of Microwave Cooking
Dangers of using microwaves to cook foods.

Wikipedia on AGEs
Wikipedia article on AGEs.