Dairy Food Articles

Dairy Dangers

A2 Protein Milk scam
Article exposes A2-protein milk scam.

Raw Dairy
Article provides opinions about dairy from an raw paleo author.

Estrogen: one of the risk factors in milk for prostate cancer
Estrogen in milk causes prostate cancer.

Excessive Calcium Causes Osteoporosis
Milk associated with osteoporosis.

Hormones in Milk Can Be Dangerous
Milk contains cancer-causing hormones.

Is milk responsible for male reproductive disorders?
Abstract on the effects of milk on male reproductive disorders.

Lifetime high calcium intake increases osteoporotic fracture risk in old age.
High calcium in milk may not do a body good.

Milk Allergy Symptoms
Article describes milk allergies and lactose intolerance.

Milk – it DOESN’T do your body good
Milk is not the perfect food it is often made out to be.

Over consumption of calcium through dairy food may cause dementia in elderly
Milk is implicated in dementia.

Milk Causes Cancer Too
Milk is made for species-appropriate infants.