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Mission Statement

The Raw Paleo Diet site is a resource created by members of the Raw Paleolithic Diet (RPD) community for people looking to improve their health by choosing a more historically natural approach to diet, fitness and lifestyle. Information available on the raw paleo diet is very limited, and it is our goal to explain some of the basics, dispell some of the fears, and detail some of the variations of a raw meat diet for humans. Information on raw foods for pets abounds, but not so for a human raw meat diet. Be sure to read the disclaimer. The information presented here focuses on the foods that humans evolved eating in their natural state. Fitness is also a very important component of good health that is often overlooked. Finally, getting back to nature is not just about food and workouts. What we put on our bodies and in our homes is just as important. A holistic and individualized approach to better health is encompassed throughout the pages of this work.

Why Live This Way?

A better question might be: Why live with the diseases associated with modern living? Shifting your diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors back towards more natural ways can have profound effects on your well-being.

Raw Paleolithic diets are nothing new. Not only is the hunter-gatherer diet our traditional one, but many people have advocated raw diets that include animal products in recent times. They include Weston A. Price, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Wai Genriuu and others. Celebrity practitioners of raw diets that include raw animal foods include Uma Thurman, Demi Moore and Mel Gibson, among others. Carol Alt has kept in model form consuming a raw, omnivorous diet.


If you have questions or want to learn more about raw food diets, please visit our sister site: Raw Paleo Forum ( ) and our Yahoo! Raw Paleo Diet Discussion Group ( ). The archives of both are available to the public, which makes it possible to learn a great deal from others who have embarked on this journey. We look forward to your participation or even simply being a fly on the wall.

Raw Paleo Diet Site Overview

The Raw Paleo Diet site contains on and off site articles on various topics, such as particular foods found in both ancient and modern times and their affects on people and cooked versus uncooked foods. In the nutrition section, various versions of raw paleo diets are covered, as are suggestions for making the transition to a raw foods diet. Fitness is an important component of good health. Different sport and exercise systems are examined in this section of the site. What to clean and nurture our bodies and homes with is discussed in the lifestyle portion of the website. Of course, it may seem very daunting to know what to eat, especially when most of our food is highly processed and loaded with seasonings and additives. Recipes that members of this community enjoy are available for you to explore. Last, we have included links to other sites that may be of interest to the RPDer, including suppliers of grassfed meats and other products to enhance your life.


If you would perfer to contact someone experienced in raw Paleolithic diets, please email Raw Paleo Guy . All technical related concerns can be addressed by contacting the Webmaster.

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